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    Twelve-year-old Aiden nervously steps to the podium, his prepared speech curled in his hands. “The Boy & Girls Club has affected my family because my mom is a single mom with three children and works three jobs.” Aiden settles in, his natural humor and charm quickly peeking through his nervousness. He shares with the crowd of supporters during an annual fundraising event how he, his siblings, and many of their classmates walk to the Shippensburg Boys & Girls Club every day after school. “If we didn’t have Boys & Girls Club, I don’t know where we would go after school while my mom was still at work.” His pauses, smiling. “I can’t imagine what kind of trouble I would get in if I were home alone. What kind of trouble would you have gotten into when you were my age?” The crowd laughs. “If you would have had Boys & Girls Club, you would do crafts, learn about your future, and do STEM projects. Wouldn’t you agree that is better than being home alone? That is why our club needs your help.”


    Aiden’s mom echos her son’s sentiments, though a bit more solemnly. For Aiden, the Boys & Girls Club is a fun place to hang out after school. Aiden’s mother understands the impact of having a safe warm place where her children are not just well-cared for, but nurtured with extended educational opportunities and leadership development. “What a blessing to the community….I am so thankful to have such loving staff, board members and a club to love on my family.”


    The Boys & Girls Club of Chambersburg and Shippensburg is here to serve Aiden and over 300 other children in Chambersburg and Shippensburg during the school year. But, what happens when the school year ends? Most of us know the term “summer brain drain” which describes learning loss over summer months. What many of us do not know is how disproportionately the phenomenon affects students of low-income families. By 5th Grade, Aiden and his peers whose families are struggling will fall an average of three grade equivalents behind their more affluent peers. More than 75% of that achievement gap is attributed to unequal access to summer learning opportunities.


    BGCCS is uniquely poised to challenge that equation. As a Boys & Girls Club, we have access to the nationally-recognized, evidenced-based program called “Summer Brain Gain”, a program directly aimed at preventing summer learning loss. The program provides six weeks of themed content, integrating school-supported Common Core learning objectives with the four Boys & Girls Club of America project-based learning practices: Engage, Express, Evaluate, Exhibit.


    Your sponsorship of BGCCS keeps Aiden and over 300 other youth focused on the future, where we need them most. Together we can prevent the summer learning loss which affects our most vulnerable child. As Aiden says “Wouldn’t you agree that’s better than being home alone?”



Maggie Lattin,

Executive Director

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