Summer Camp Covid Procedures

  • Arrival

    • Check each staff’s and kid’s temperature (no contact thermometer) and ask if they have any symptoms

    • Checks will be done outside of main camp area

    • Staff who is doing checks will wear mask and gloves

  • Camp Time

    • Kids will be split into groups of no more than 10 and will stay in that group for the entire day

    • Between each activity the table and other areas will be wiped down by staff.

    • Between each activity kids will wash hands – they will alternate between hand sanitizer and soap and water.

    • Staff will wear masks all day/ kids do not have to but are allowed to if parent requests it.

    • Once staff and kids leave the camp they are not permitted to return to camp, unless special permission is given.

  • Lunch Time

    • Kids will sit with their group and groups will be spread out so there is distancing.Within the group, we will distance kids as well.

    • Trash cans will be brought to groups so kids do not gather around trash cans

    • 1 group will go through lunch line at a time

    • Hand washing with soap and water will occur before and after eating.

    • If possible, parents/guardians will stay in their car and kids will be brought out to their parents/guardians

    • Parents will not be permitted in camp areas unless special permission is given by Camp Director.

  • End of Day

    • Staff will make sure bathrooms are cleaned and all door handles and surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected.

  • Special Guests

    • Guests will still be permitted to come in and do programs for the campers.They way need to present to small groups.

    • Guests will be required to have their temperature checked and wear a mask like the staff.

  • Someone tests positive/begins getting symptoms

    • The areas the person was in will be closed and the person will be quarantined until they can be picked up.That area and perhaps the club, will need to be closed down for 24 hours and then a deep cleaning will be done of the space(s).

Safety Means Everything


At Boys & Girls Clubs of America, there is nothing more important than the safety of our youth members. We work every day to create a safe, fun environment, so kids can have every opportunity to be successful in life.

We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior of any kind, including child sexual abuse or misconduct. From strict adherence to policies and guidelines within Club facilities and staffing structure, to equipping young people with the critical thinking and social-emotional skills to make healthy, safe choices, ensuring Club members are safe is the first step to their success.

For the nearly half a million young people who enter the doors of a Boys & Girls Club each day, Clubs offer safe, inclusive spaces and experiences that empower members’ learning and growth. Our data shows our approach works:



Clubs help build a sense of civic responsibility and leadership. In fact, 83% of Club members believe they can make a difference in their communities and 89% stand up for what they think is right.*

Boys & Girls Clubs of America continually updates and innovates robust safety policies, programs and training for local Club staff and volunteers that are designed to protect young people from threats that are present in our society. Through our national Child & Club Safety Department we implement layers of safety policies and guidelines to keep our kids safe including:

  • Mandatory criminal background checks.

  • Local Boys & Girls Clubs are required to immediately report any incident regardless of severity to the appropriate authorities and then to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

  • Each Club has a Board led Safety Committee elevating safety to the highest level of governance.

  • Clubs are required to complete a mandatory annual safety assessments.

  • BGCA and local Clubs engage leading 3rd party safety experts on training, policies and resources.

  • Any employee looking to move to another Club, MUST have a reference from the previous Club.


Boys & Girls Clubs of America advocated for the passage of the U.S. PROTECT ACT, which improved background screening systems and access, and is proud to partner with the following organizations to develop safety practices that benefit ALL youth-serving organizations.


*2018 National Youth Outcomes Report

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